ExDyn Workshop

May 25th MIR UCP Neuville-sur-Oise


The aim of this workshop is to build an international and interdisciplinary consortium in order to develop a program to train young researchers interested in the study of phenomena issued from extreme dynamics in networks, combining both, a theoretical modeling approach and a data based analysis.  We intend  to build a project to apply for funding to national and international calls

The project will be grounded on an existing network of collaborations involving Zaragoza University in Spain, Oldenburg University in Germany, Wroclaw University in Poland, Limerick University in Ireland and Cergy-Pontoise University, in France and the objective of this workshop is to invite colleagues interested in participating to join the network.

Previous discussion among the cited partners, led to a preliminary version of the proposal which involves two axes:  an integrated training offer, covering from theoretical to practical tools to tackle this kind of problems (Non equilibrium Statistical Physics, Dynamical Systems theory, Complex Networks theory, Data mining and Data analysis techniques, including Big Data manipulation,…) on one side and on the other, a wide palette of research subjects covering different fields. So the colleagues of UCP of all disciplines who deal with complex dynamics and are interested in a modelling approach  are welcome.