Flash presentation, Abstract and Poster instructions

Please notice that to allow you to present a poster at EGPD, you need to prepare a short flash presentation, to submit a short abstract before 31st December and to be registered by filling the registration form before 31st December.

If your PhD thesis is not strictly falling into one of the thematic sessions, you can still send your abstract and we will review it.

Flash oral presentation:

During this quick 3 minutes-long presentation, you may present:

  • Where you are from (home country / University / past cursus and very short CV)
  • What is your research about (motivation / scope of work)
  • What is your main discipline
  • Towards what other research field do you need to connect with other PhD candidates
  • Your poster ID

You must send your flash oral presentation in .mkv format on this platform (link coming soon), along with your poster, before 31st January.

We suggest to use OBS Studio open-source multiplatform software to record the flash presentation (you can visit the OBS website)


Your abstract should summarize the main aspects of your poster in a clear and well-presented manner.

It must not exceed 1 page as explained in more details in the template.

You should follow these steps:

  • For submitting your abstract, please send it to the PhD chairperson of the session you would like to register for:


Please use A0 portrait format for the research poster, where the EGPD 2021 logo should be stamped (download logo EGPD2021). You may use your own university template and logo for the design.

You must upload a light (5 Mo max.) but clear PDF version of your poster on this platform (link coming soon) before 31st January, to the latest.

In that way, your poster could be advertised online before and during the event by our organizing team.